A musical celebration of Christmas

Christmas Wonders

Christmas, Key Stage 2

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A musical celebration of Christmas

Key Stage 2: an exciting and unique approach to the traditional Nativity story

  • Performance and backing tracks for the ten songs
  • Version 1: Bible readings + songs
  • Version 2: A mimed play + songs
  • Piano accompaniments
  • Optional recorder parts for three songs
  • Photocopiable songbook
  • Free powerpoint presentation of all the song words e-mailed with order

We are proud to report that 'Wonders' was named as a finalist in the UK Songwriting Contest

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About Christmas Wonders

A unique collection of ten original songs and Bible readings, designed to be appropriate for presenting the Christmas Story in different contexts and settings:

As a Christmas concert

  • Performing the collection of songs in the book order tells the Christmas story in music
  • Can be enhanced by adding the recorder and/or percussion parts

As a Christmas Service

  • A ready-made service including eight Bible readings, ten songs and a prayer
  • Not all songs need to be performed in order to tell the story, so it is possible to 'pick and choose'
  • It would be appropriate to add traditional Christmas Carols to supplement the service
  • Three of the songs have optional recorder parts, and there are also some suggestions for use of percussion
  • Christmas Service can be combined with mimed play (below)

As a mimed play

  • Suggestions for performing the story in mime
  • As above, can 'pick and choose' songs and/or add traditional carols

For collective worship/assemblies

  • The Christmas story can be celebrated in a series of acts of worship, with each successive reading and song adding to a fuller experience of the wonder of the birth of Christ

Listen to the Christmas Wonders songs now

Left His Glory: A joyful opening song, introducing the performance by celebrating the arrival of a special baby. Has optional recorder parts.
Just An Ordinary Mary: Mary ponders what is to happen to her, asking why she has been chosen, and she bravely declares that she is ready for what is to happen. The song features a moving solo part.
The Emperor Has Decided: A marching beat accompanies the song about preparations to leave homes and follow the Emperor's instructions.
Off To Bethlehem We Go: A thoughtful song, describing the difficult journey to Bethlehem.
Is There A Room? Mary and Joseph seek accommodation. A song with a beautiful melody that emphasises the need to rest after the journey from Nazareth.
So Long, Long Ago: A bouncy, foot-tapping song telling the story of the shepherds. The optional recorder part is not difficult, but is very effective.
Wonders: A reflection on the wonders of Christmas. The song is both gentle and uplifting.
Rumours, Rumours, Rumours: A song for the wicked Herod, who loses his temper after hearing from the three wise men.
We Followed A Star: The wise man journey to find the baby Jesus. Their song has a strong beat that is effectively enhanced by adding percussion and recorder parts.
We've Something To Tell You: A song of praise, bringing together the events described through all the other songs. Includes echoes of "Left His Glory" in a triumphant conclusion.

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