A useful and inspiring resource for RE topics.

I Am

Songs, Reflective CDs, Key Stage 2 &
Key Stage 3

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The CD includes a song about the seven 'I Am' sayings of Jesus as recorded in John's Gospel. Additionally, seven tracks of reflective music, with each focusing on one of the sayings, provide opportunities for personal and spiritual responses, thus enhancing experience and understanding of the words Jesus used.
A useful and inspiring resource for RE topics such as 'Who Was Jesus?'
Also suitable for children and adults in Church.

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More About I Am

The purchaser receives:

By post:

  • CD of the song 'I Am', a backing track and seven pieces of reflective music
  • Inner sleeve suggests words and phrases to guide listeners into reflection

By e-mail:

  • Powerpoint version of the words of the 'I Am' song, to project
  • Guitar/vocal music part of 'I Am'
  • An introduction to the seven reflective tracks

Listen to I Am song and reflective music now


I Am
NB: CD also includes a backing track for the above song

Reflective music:

I am the Bread
I am the Light
I am the Gate
I am the Good Shepherd
I am the Resurrection
I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life
I am the True Vine

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£10 + p&p

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